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In 2000, trend and culture website, was born, chronicling the nuances of influencer 'girls on the street.'

The unique focus resonated with young women. Organically, we grew.

As the bond strengthened, an expression of a new era of thought leadership emerged, leading to exposure in the media and experiences building authentic relationships for brands.

Through a rigorous application process - and numerous essays, visits, and projects, we cultivated the official Girl-on-the-street team - 100 diverse, creative and forthright young women from 14 countries that we draw upon for insights and community-building.

These young, plugged in women are effervescent bottles of energy, an untapped resource into a globally connected culture and a new time.

A New Era

Last June, Founder Chauncey Zalkin stepped away from (but not her team) to gain a deeper understanding of applied brand strategy. She worked as a Senior Brand Strategist and the resident trend expert at advertising 'hot shop', Crispin Porter + Bogusky, continuing to tap into the team for client projects.

Today, we're in consistent communication about our lives, emotions, and work and ready to share what we're learning with the world.

If you want to know more about Chauncey or, look at the old about us page or better yet, email her at She has loads of samples and case studies and magazine articles she could send you. If you want to see some of the things she's been up to, check here (no, do, really, you're going to like this) and soon here.(But not now, obviously, you get the point. Things will slowly be appearing to get you up to speed.)

Happy Fall 05 Fashion Week. It's been a very promising one. I feel invigorated and hopeful about fashion right now. I also feel that way about art and culture - because I'm not in New York right now and I'm getting distance and perspective. Fall Fashion Week: Even J Lo really came through with her Sweetface spectacle. Sure she has an unfair advantage and isn't a 'real' designer, but she approved/edited a very wearable fresh collection. I'd buy from it.

The color black is looking gorgeous and fresh for the first time in years.

Those sometimes awkwardly big, thick and opulent fabrics go on. It's like New York is sick of being cold and they're bringing the heavy wool brocade curtains with metallic thread out the door with them and wrapping the carpet around them as a skirt for good measure.

I like the silhouette at Marc by Marc - the booties and the socks and the stockings cut at the upper calf. It's so Bennington (College). Reminds me of those years. The light denim bulky jacket you get at the Salvation Army and the buffalo plaid thing you throw with it. Townie chic. It's townie meets art school chic a la early 90s. I like the romance and blissful confusion. I miss the romance of little mistakes. Revealing a little sadness. Truthfulness.

Everything's been so glitzy and pretty and imitable. Everything flowy and sparkly is paired with jeans and heels. I'm sick of it. Sick of the jeans. Yes, even the jeans themselves. I am guilty. I wear jeans constantly. But I'm sick of dressing them up! Just be jeans or be something else but the mix is getting saccharine now. Satin is great (without jeans. Can you do it?) It also has a great trajectory. Wrapping yourself in fabric, celebrating fabric and easy-on-the-eye motifs. Not being too garishly referential to the point of cold intellect but mixing a sort of reflective intellectualization with a lot of emotion, not restrained but definitely elegant, somewhat art directed and a little off key (but by mistake, not faux DIY). I want to do away with the artist collaboration tees, etc. I want to go back to styling and piling things that are special. Taking a risk. But not the kind a lemming takes.

I just sent out a letter with the status of the site. If you are subscribed, you'll be getting that. I don't want to post it on the site. I miss you.


mid-Feb 2005 0ld content below..


Fabrications Close-Up

Is there really such thing as "Fall" / "Spring/Summer" other than fabric weight and application? Metallic rained down in every possible concoction on Fall runways and this influence permeates the summer months too in the form of gold screen printing, gold threading, gold gauzy ponchos... A trend on the runway or on the street is a sparkler thrown on the sidewalk - it will make a loud sound and splinter every which way - seasons no longer really matter other than 'warm' and 'cold'.

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- TEEN PEOPLE listed us as one of the three "BEST FASHION WEBSITES," Oct 2002... Also check us out in New York Magazine , The Daily News, Elle Brazil, The New York Post and in the Fall 2002, see where founder, Chauncey Zalkin, is featured in a piece on young entrepreneurs in Bark Magazine.

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